Periodontal Exams for Gum Disease & Receding Gums

A healthy smile is only possible if you have healthy teeth and healthy gums. Through a periodontal exam we will evaluate your oral health and, if necessary, make recommendations for treatment options. At Chris Childs Dentistry we’re always looking for any signs of gum disease or other harmful conditions.

Woman in a dental chair having teeth cleaned

A periodontal exam gives us the best opportunty to see the early stage development of gingivitis, periodontitus, receding gums, problems with your jaw, a misaligned bite, and tooth grinding.  By catching these ailments at thier onset we can recommend a treatment that is typically less invasive and less costly than if these issues are allowed to progress.

Dental hygienist explaining information to a patient

During a routine periodontal exam we will be looking for:

  • Any lumps or abnormal areas in the mouth
  • Loose teeth that could be a sign of decay
  • Signs of healthy gums (good color, no bleeding and good composure)
  • The presence of prior dental treatment that need attention (like fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, etc.)
  • Plaque buildup
  • Tooth surface area and spacing to the gum line

Being proactive in an examination, including utilizing x-rays, helps us to find inflammation of the gums and the onset of gum disease. A close look will tell us if problems are spreading and potentially impacting your tooth structure. If left untreated, gingivitis will compound itself to the point that periodontitis sets in, emphasizing the importance of regular visits to our office.

One of our dentists will complete a periodontal exam with each visit and we use the latest digital x-ray detection technology. Contact us to schedule your next exam.